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Who we can help

Although all businesses benefit from help in these areas, the types of business that we specialise in working with are:

Farmers and growers who are diversifying

  • Farmers and growers are under intense pressure – traditional business models just won’t hold up these days. Many are looking to increase profitability by diversifying – but an expert farmer won’t necessarily be an expert in marketing. In fact, how can he or she be? – it takes all your time to run the farm, and you have little or no experience in marketing. You can learn as you go, but can you afford the inevitable mistakes? To find out how we can help, click on Farmers and Growers who are diversifying

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Smaller manufacturers

  • Manufacturing is a challenging business. It’s complex, and there a hundred and one things to manage. The fundamental question of why are you making what you are making can seem less important than getting boxes off the dock and on the wagon. But if marketing is looked after and attended to, the profitability of your business will benefit.
  • To learn more, go to the page on Marketing For Smaller Manufacturers

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Smaller retailers

  • When you’re running a smaller retail business, the large retailers can seem like a big threat. But you have lots of advantages – you’re local, people know and trust you, and many consumers actively want to shop in smaller shops these days. To make the most of these, it’s vital to be as expert in running your operation as they are. Range management and  category planning are two skills that have made the larger retailers more profitable – if you want to learn more, go to the Category Planning and Range Management for Smaller Retailers page.

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