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Marketing For Smaller Manufacturers

Smaller manufacturers concentrate on what they’re good at – making things. But as a consequence, lots of questions often get pushed to one side - who to make it for, what to make, how to make it at the right cost, how much to sell it for, how to tell them about it once you’ve made it… This is where Ogilvie Marketing can help you – an additional resource that will help you plan, develop and execute profitably.

Marketing doesn’t just cover promotion or customer communications. Put simply, it means providing something that someone wants to buy – and making sure  that what they’re prepared to pay is more than it costs you to provide it.

  • Targeting and customer segmentation – you need to make sure that you are clear about who is going to buy, and what they will compare your offering with. This will determine how much they are prepared to pay.
  • Features and benefits – “I provide features but customers buy benefits”. It’s an old saying, but one worth repeating. Every day. Several times. (I once had to ask a car salesman what use ‘anti-submarine seats’ were on dry land – when he explained they could save your life in an accident, it made more sense. But why not put that in the first place?) So you need to think through whether your bright ideas are useful to your customers, and whether they understand them - or whether you are just adding cost and complication to your product design.
  • Product costing – absolutely fundamental. If this isn’t right you won’t know whether you can make a profit. We can help you accurately cost products, ensuring that shared costs are correctly allocated between products and operations. And don’t forget overheads – they can be a big part of product costings these days. It doesn’t mean that you have to get involved in activity based costing – in fact, we wouldn’t recommend that smaller businesses attempt it. But you should have a clear idea about the overhead demands that particular product or ranges make on your business.
  • Some times are particularly demanding – whether it’s putting on a trade show, making a big customer presentation, or launching a new product with all the juggling of deadlines that entails. If you need help to plan or do any of these, we can help.

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